Monday, April 4, 2011

Angels Landing - Zion (5 miles)

Angels Landing
Length: 5 miles roundtrip
Trail: Steep Cliff-side Climb, +1488'
Hiking Time: Took 4 hours, Average 5 hours
Difficultly: Strenuous
Area: Zion National Park

Zion National Park Map


aesimpleton said...

I'll be out that way in May with my GF, and I'm thinking we'll try this hike. Is there an area nearby for camping? Backcountry or otherwise?

Carol Bold said...

There are a couple of campgrounds at the south entrance to Zion National Park, as well as a number of backcountry campsites which you need to obtain permits/reservations for.

Check out the following links:
Zion Campgrounds
Zion Permits
Other Campgrounds Near Zion

aesimpleton said...

Good stuff. Thanks.

Carol Bold said...

Anytime! Have a good trip!

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